How To Become A Member:

We need you more than ever to help fight against the injustices that immigrants, immigrant families and working people of color face everyday in this country.

Membership is a yearly $5 minimum individual donation, where you can directly receive the benefits of linking with a diverse and active group of social justice minded people.


Benefits include:

  • Email newsletters
  • Immigration text alerts (Text MIRA1 to 33222 for English text alerts; Text ALIANZA1 to 33222 for Spanish text alerts)
  • Invite to social events
  • Immigration updates through our blog and emails about how your membership donations have helped advance immigrant rights in Mississippi


  • is based on a desire to help improve laws and public policy affecting immigrants, and working people of color.
  • involves participation in solidarity actions to protect and expand the rights of immigrants.
  • seeks to unite all people of color and with a commitment to social justice by educating the non-immigrant community in Mississippi on immigrant issues, educating immigrant workers of their rights, and uniting human rights advocates in Mississippi on local, statewide, and national immigrants rights agendas.

Become a member today by donating a minimum of $5 online, or contact our office (601 968-5182) for more information.