Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance (MIRA)

MIRA advocates, educates and organizes immigrant and allied communities to spread awareness of immigrant issues in housing, education, healthcare and the workplace.

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MIRA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a membership of more than 200 paid members statewide and more than 700 affiliated members and constituent organizations. The work of MIRA is directed by Bill Chandler, Executive Director, with more than 45 years of experience in union and community organizing. Our organizers coordinate home meetings with immigrant community members, and organize public education forums and workshops in neighborhood gathering places and community centers. Public education and legal advocacy are also conducted by MIRA’s Legal Project. MIRA holds monthly statewide advocacy meetings in Jackson (September through June), which are open and advertised to the public, designed to help us understand the social climate, assess the needs of the immigrant community, and strategize actions around the state.

Four Key Areas of Action for Addressing Immigrant Rights

Immigrant rights are a complex issue that affect many aspects of society, including politics and government, education, healthcare, law enforcement, the economy, and more. For this reason, we focus on four separate but interconnected areas of action.

This multi-prolonged approach allow us to provide a robust and holistic response to the issues that arise.

MIRA is a charitable organization

Your donation will support the movement for social justice in Mississippi, by helping to recover stolen wages for immigrant workers, fight police harassment and discrimination, educate communities about our rights, and make sure marginalized voices are heard in the legislative processes.


We believe that our mission can be achieved by actively seeking opportunities to empower immigrants to advocate for themselves. By equipping immigrants with the knowledge and tools to assert their rights, we enable them to navigate the complex legal and social systems more effectively

Know Your Rights

MIRA educates individuals and communities about immigrants rights and how to respond when approached by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (I.C.E.).


ICE + Deportation

We believe that NO Human Being is Illegal. MIRA advocates for a pathway to citizenship to protect our undocumented communities.