The Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance (MIRA) uses advocacy, education, organizing and legal services to expand and protect the rights of immigrants and their families in Mississippi.


MIRA envisions a Mississippi that supports, protects, and welcomes immigrants from across the globe working hand-in-hand to create a thriving community called home.

Our Values

  1. We believe in keeping families together.
  2. We believe legal assistance is a right.
  3. We believe access to healthcare and housing are basic needs that should be protected.
  4. We believe immigrants and their families deserve to be treated at all times with compassion, dignity, fairness and respect.
  5. We believe in a pathway to citizenship.
  6.  We believe our mission can be achieved by seeking opportunities to empower immigrants to advocate for themselves.
  7. We believe immigrant rights are human rights.
  8. We believe it is through our alliance with like-minded individuals and groups that we are able to bring people together for our common goals.

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