1. Know Your Rights When Asked About Immigration Status Video:

2. Contact Your Mississippi Legislators Vote-ms.org:

Vote-ms.org is a Mississippi State lawmakers database that allows you to search for the lawmaker that represents your local district. Contact information and social media links are provided for each lawmaker. Use this tool to voice your concerns by calling a lawmakers office, emailing your representatives or using social media to spread awareness and to create ACTION plans.

 3. “Outraged By Trump’s DACA Decision, Here’s How You Can Help“:

  • Link above includes templates for voicemails and emails.

4. Templates to Create Family Safety Plans/ Planes de Segurida Familiar:

Family Safety Plan/ Plan de Seguridad Familiar

Financial Safety Checklist/ Una Lista de Seguridad Financiera

End of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) FAQs/ Fin de DACA Preguntas Mas Frecuentes

5. Undocumented Immigrants CAN apply to