2019 MIRA Civic Engagement Day Legislative Priorities: House of Representatives

After our 12:30PM news conference in the Capitol building’s rotunda, participants formed delegations (about 6 people per group) and moved to meet with specific legislators. The delegations included immigrants and people from Mississippi’s Latino and Muslim communities; there was also a bilingual person in each group to translate for any non-English speakers.

Each delegation was able to effectively connect with their targeted legislator. We specifically met with the chairs of the House and Senate Judiciary committees to communicate our concerns and ask those legislators not to bring up the anti-immigrant and anti-worker bills that had been referred to their committees. 

We’re proud to report that none of the proposals on our “bad bills” list were brought up for discussion in these legislative  committees, meaning that the bad bills have all died (see below for our lists of “good bills” and “bad bills”).

House Education Committee   (Kimberly Watson)

++HB 89 by Rep. Tom Miles (D) Forest: Create English Language Learners Scholarship Program under Critical Needs Teacher Scholarship Program. (& Appropriations) SUPPORT

++HB 515 by Rep. Tom Miles: Require waivers of accountability for English Language Learners for school districts with 25% enrolled. SUPPORT

++HB 530 by Rep Tom Miles: English Language Learners, increase funding to school districts with 20% or more enrolled (& Appropriations) SUPPORT

House Judiciary A Committee (Mike Knezevich)

++HB 251 by Rep John Hines(D) Greenville: Enact Mississippi Civil Rights Act SUPPORT

++HB 404 by Rep. Kathy Sykes (D) Jackson: Prohibit criminal background information from being asked on employment application form. (& Workforce Development) SUPPORT

++HB 405 by Rep. Kathy Sykes: Revise various provisions regarding the Workers Compensation Law, “Comprehensive Workers Compensation Reform “(& Insurance) SUPPORT

++HB 544 by Rep. Kathy Sykes: Repeal anti-immigrant Mississippi ‘Employment Protection ‘ Act (& Workforce Development) SUPPORT

++HB 545 by Rep. Kathy Sykes: Increase maximum total recovery on permanent total disability compensation for Workers Compensation (& Insurance) SUPPORT

House Transportation Committee (Max Harmon)

++HB 403 by Rep. Kathy Sykes: Drivers’ License—revise requirements and create certificate for driving. SUPPORT

House Universities and Colleges Committee (Max Harmon)

++HB 422 by Rep. Kathy Sykes: Allow undocumented students to attend college at in-state tuition rates subject to certain conditions. SUPPORT

Senate Judiciary A Committee (Patricia Ice)

–SB 2015 by Sen. Angela Burkes Hill(R) Picayune: Employers using temporary workers will be held accountable for immigration workforce violations. OPPOSE

–SB 2094 by Sen. Michael Watson(R) Pascagoula: Impose civil liability on sponsor organizations under certain circumstances for refugee resettlement (Target Catholic Charities, etc.). OPPOSE

–SB 2095 by Sen. Michael Watson: Attorney General to seek federal reimbursement of costs for illegal immigration incurred by the state. OPPOSE

–SB  2516 by Sen. Chris McDaniel(R) Ellisville: state agencies and political sujb-divisions must verify lawful presence of all persons applying for benefits. OPPOSE

Senate Judiciary B Committee (Max Harmon)

–SB 2609 by Sen. Chris McDaniel: Increase enforcement and penalties in the “Mississippi Employment Protection Act” (& Accountability, Efficiency, Transparency) OPPOSE

Senate Elections Committee (Max Harmon)

–SB 2464 by Sen. Angela Burkes Hill: Applicants must submit documentation proving U.S. citizenship for voter  Registration OPPOSE

–SB 2506 by Sen. Michael Watson: Authorize election officials to ensure that non-United States Citizens are not registered to vote. OPPOSE

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