We organize impactful community-led campaigns that make tangible changes in our people’s lives and sustain broader movements for dignity and justice. We organize in our neighborhoods while helping to lead statewide and national movements for immigration reform, workers rights and more.

Our issue committees meet and give members a chance to identify common problems, devise solutions, and wage grassroots campaigns to enact those solutions. In this way, we are able to cultivate grassroots leadership that ensure that our campaigns and movements are led by those most impacted.


We create compelling digital campaigns and mobilize people each year in the streets to demand enactment of more just policies, driving change at the city, state, and federal levels. Our policy demands are based on our on-the-ground experience: Each day, we work to address critical needs in our individual members’ lives.

MIRA supports pro-immigrant and pro-worker policy and practice at the local, state, and national levels. MIIRA also advocate for the DREAM Act (DACA), the national campaign for access to higher education and citizenship for immigrant youth. It has helped to formulate the Dignity Proposal, a platform for fair and just immigration reform.

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