We offer a variety of programs aimed at improving the health of immigrants in Mississippi, as well as access to high quality, affordable healthcare.


MIRA strives to guarantee equal rights, access, and improved healthcare for immigrants in Mississippi. Our primary goal is to reach out to people in these communities because we understand the cultural shock that people have by moving to another country.

Many immigrants lack insurance, they face significant obstacles in accessing medical treatment and paying more out-of-pocket. Immigrants, both legal and unauthorized, often rely on a patchwork system and safety-net clinics and hospitals for free or reduced-price medical care, including state-and county-owned facilities, as well as charitable and religiously affiliated facilities. We continuously work with different partners and organizations are working with us in trying to reach people around the whole state of Mississippi to provide easy access to healthcare.


Currently, the state of Mississippi has been facing a terrible Health Access shortage. Many rural hospitals in Mississippi have been shut down due to staff shortages, not only are hospitals closing many healthcare centers as well and there is also a huge shortage of nurses here in Mississippi.

We decided to begin doing COVID-19 vaccination events, we began this project because we noticed that during the Pandemic many families worked from home, but not those families who had to be on the front lines in working through this pandemic. Not only doctors, nurses, and those keeping patients alive, but the minority groups who had to continue working in Chicken Processing Plants or in agriculture food, risking their own health and their family’s lives to be able to provide food for their own table.

Many of the families who were on the frontlines during the pandemic had no other option but to continue working during the pandemic. We began this project to also be able to cater to families who have no access to clinics. We wanted to provide this service to be able to help the community stay safe and give them information regarding COVID-19.

As we continued to do these vaccination events, we began to also offer basic medical exams, like checking blood pressure, blood sugar, and body mass index. As the results came, we noticed that many people from the community had underlying health conditions. Because of this, we began to start educating families on Health matters. We ask the community what topics of health they would like to learn more about and we do research and speak to professionals in that certain field and try to provide accurate information on social media our webpage even hand out flyers during our vaccine events.

Our goal is to be able to provide important accurate information about health and provide resources that would make it affordable and easier to access for many rural areas in the state of Mississippi.

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