MIRA works across the state to reach out to immigrants and allies, support communities working for justice and tolerance, and educate Mississippians about the contributions and struggles of immigrants in our state.

Our organizers meet with local leaders and constituents, organize public events, conduct “Know-Your-Rights” trainings in collaboration with our legal team, accept invitations to speak about MIRA’s work and immigrants rights, and engage with allied organizations.

We conduct regular workshops and outreach programs to educate immigrants about their legal rights and responsibilities. These workshops provide valuable information on dealing with law enforcement, understanding the immigration system, and responding to workplace violations.

Issues we most frequently encounter include:

  • labor rights violations
  • detention matters
  • racial / ethnic profiling and discrimination
  • and language barriers in access to the legal system, health care, and education.

Want to participate in our organizing efforts? Send us an email or call us, for more information. 

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