Civic Engagement Day 2019

Join us on Wednesday, January 30 for a critical action at the Mississippi State Capitol as we support human rights for all!

Meet at the MIRA Office (4436 N. State Street, Ste. A-1, Jackson, MS) at 10:00AM for an update and orientation on the legislative session, and to prepare to meet with legislators at the Mississippi State Capitol Building, 400 High Street, Jackson, Mississippi  39202.

10:00 am: Update & Orientation on Legislation
11:00 am:  Lunch Together (Provided)
11:45 am:  Caravan to the Capitol
12:15 pm:  News Conference, 2nd Floor Rotunda
1:00 pm:  Begin Meeting with Legislators

We will ask legislators to support human rights proposals including:

•    In-state College Tuition for all Mississippi high school graduates
•    Real Worker’s Compensation for Injured Workers
•    A Living Wage for all Workers at $15.00/Hour
•    End Private Prisons and Detention Centers in Mississippi

and we will urge them to oppose any anti-immigrant, anti-worker, or racial profiling legislation.

Our major policy push this year is Comprehensive Worker Compensation Reform – legislation that would benefit ALL Mississippi workers. State Representative Kathy Sykes has submitted pro-immigrant, pro-worker bills on the House side; and State Senators Hillman Frazier and Robert Jackson will introduce similar bills on the Senate side. We will voice support for these “good bills,” but our top priority is to watch for and oppose any “bad bills” that attack the greater immigrant communities.

Stand with us at the Capitol in support of human, immigrant, and worker rights!



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