May Naturalization Workshop

Saturday, May 25 · 9AM – 12PM · MIRA Office (4436 N. State Street, Ste. A-1, Jackson, MS)

Join us for our May Naturalization Workshop! During this workshop, MIRA Legal Project Director Attorney L. Patricia Ice will help Lawful Permanent Residents complete the N-400 application for Naturalization. A few important details to be aware of:

•    In order to apply for naturalization, you must be a Lawful Permanent Resident for at least 3 years if you are married to and living with a US Citizen; or at least 5 years if you are not.
•    The cost for the MIRA workshop is $100.00
•    The USCIS application fee is $725.00
•    Check out more eligibility requirements here
•    For more information about what you need to bring to the workshop, contact 601.354.9355 ext 8 and leave a message.

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